Al-Khui’i Sets the Rules of Social Reconstruction of Iraq


Sayyid Jawad al-Khui’i, member of the Iraqi Gathering for Dialogue of Religions and Director of Dar Al-Ilm Institution of Imam Khoui’i, participated in Paths of Peace Conference organized by Sant’Eigido in Münster City in Germany. Al-Khui’i presented a paper of a full and comprehensive vision of peaceful coexistence of people of different religious, nationalities and […]

Establishing a French-Iraqi Meeting for Peace-Makers


in a French-Iraqi Meeting for peace-makers, an initiative for gathering a team of peace-makers was launched to restore trust and peace-making, in the light of very hard times encountering East and West alike. The French delegate was represented by bishop Mark Stangait; bishop of Turwa city, director of Pax Chirsti ; Rev. Andre Antony, CEO […]

Al- Azhar and the Vatican agree to confront violence and extremism


The Dominican Father Dr. Amir JAJE a member of the Iraqi Council for Interfaith Dialogue and a member of the Pontifical Council for Interfaith Dialogue participated in the historic Symposium held at the Al-Azhar Al-Sharif in Egypt among the Pontifical Council for Interfaith Dialogue Cardinal Louis Tauran presided the Vatican delegation, while Sheikh Abbas Choman […]

Azhar and the Council of Wise of Muslims studying diversity and complementarity between freedom and citizenship.


Sayed Jawad al-Khoei member of the Iraqi interfaith dialogue Council stressed that the region is going through a real dilemma and religious clerics are in front of a big challenge, adding that “our presence together is a fate that is not inevitable, and cannot imagine real stability in our region or the world under the […]

The Iraqi Council for Interfaith Dialogue participated in the international colloquium entitled « the religious liberty (freedom) of reformation of citizenship » that took place in Beirut.


Sayed Jawad al-Khoei presented a paper in the religious liberty session between the Koran texts and the contemporary reality. He explained the vision of the scientific possession in Najaf city for the religious liberty in Islam.He added that for the religious reference in Nagaf some of the constants from its faith about the peaceful coexistence […]

Al-Khoei looking with UNESCO in Beirut the reality of culture and education in Iraq.


Sayed Jawad al-Khoei said that the culture and the education sector in Iraq need to be reconsidered to save him from the accelerating deterioration. It happened during a meeting with Mr. Hamad Al Hammami Director of the UNESCO Office in Beirut.For his part, Mr. Hammami stressed that the International Organization UNESCO informed directly on the […]

For the fifth year running, al-Khoei was named among the world’s 500 most influential Muslims. The Royal Islamic Center for Strategic Studies issued this list of names for 2016.


Al-Khoei, member of the Iraqi Council for Interreligious Dialogue and General Secretary of the al-Khoei Foundation in Iraq, was chosen because of his efforts and influence in supporting scholarship, helping to spread diversity of culture and acceptance of others, as well as encouraging this within the Islamic community.For the Royal Islamic Centre, “influential” is defined […]

From Amman: al-Khoei is calling for a diversification of the source texts for the biography of the Prophet.


Mr. Jawad al-Khoei, member of the Iraqi Council for Interreligious Dialogue and General Secretary of the al-Khoei Foundation in Iraq, called for the scholars of all Islamic traditions to study the biography of the Prophet with a prudent methodology and to collect sources from different traditions. He made this call during a lecture given at […]

The Iraqi council for Interreligious dialogue discusses with the Iraqi president the change of programs and law-making to protect diversity in Iraq.


The Iraqi president, Fouad Maasoum, said that citizenship, conciliation and accepting the other form the essential base on which the regime should be built. This happened when his Excellency received the Iraqi council members for Interreligious dialogue.   His Excellency emphasized the role of interreligious dialogue in establishing the peace, and the importance of devoting […]

Dr. Marc Barety; the French ambassador in Baghdad has received The Iraqi Council for Interfaith Dialogue (ICID) in the Embassy’s office.


The ICID delegation has briefed their actual and future projects in the field of interfaith dialogue and the sustainability of diversity in Iraq.From his side, the French ambassador has presented the most prominent fields for common work in the context of dialogue amongst followers from different religions; explaining that the hard times Iraq is going […]