A Statement

The Iraqi Council for Interfaith Dialogue condemns the threats directed against MASARAT Foundation for Cultural and Media Development, which is headed by our colleague Saad Sallum, who is one of the members and founders of the Council. He is also an academic scholar interested in pluralism, and an activist in interfaith dialogue.

 This threat, directed against a Foundation that promotes peace-making and building bridges among the various components of the Iraqi people, coincided with our celebration of the International Day for Tolerance, and had a religious character of which “Islamic resistance” is innocent. Further, the threat came under difficult circumstances during which the Iraqi Council works with determination and efficiency in order to rebuild confidence among the components of the Iraqi society in the post-Daesh period and exerts efforts to combat hatred and foster religious dialogue with the aim of establishing a State on the basis of citizenship in a country ravaged by political conflicts and divisions.

      It is clear for the council members that the work in the field of peace-making is perilous and that certain stakeholders may not welcome security, social and psychological stability for the members of the society for dishonest purposes. Therefore, the council stresses that the authorities should ensure the rule of law and deter those who break the law. The council looks forward to a joint effort by peace-makers and a solidarity in times of difficulty in order to make a positive change in our beloved Iraq. It also stresses that showing solidarity with MASARAT Foundation and calling the authorities to protect it is a defense of the values of diversity and citizenship in a pluralistic Iraq where all the members of the society of various affiliations live together.


Iraqi Council for Interfaith Dialogue

On 16 November 2017