Iraqi Council of Religions Dialogue Investigates the Mechanisms of Combating Hatred Discourse in Iraq

Iraqi Council of Religions Dialogue, in its meeting held in Najaf this week, discussed the final stage of Dar al-Ilm (House of Knowledge) Project for Imam al-Khoui’i.

 Mr. Jawad al-Khoui’I, member of Iraqi Council and Director of the Dar al-Ilm  updated the members of the Council on the last touches of the project and its official inauguration day.

Participants in the meeting also discussed the future work plan, previous activities implemented in the third quarter of this year.

Participants in the meeting agreed on the necessity to carry on the work at both local and international levels to circulate a moderate reading of religions to preserve the human dignity as being the highest value created by God on earth. 

In the same context, the meeting decided to urge all political, media and religious entities to combat hate speeches which are negatively reflected on the people and society.

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