Al-Khui’i Sets the Rules of Social Reconstruction of Iraq

Sayyid Jawad al-Khui’i, member of the Iraqi Gathering for Dialogue of Religions and Director of Dar Al-Ilm Institution of Imam Khoui’i, participated in Paths of Peace Conference organized by Sant’Eigido in Münster City in Germany. Al-Khui’i presented a paper of a full and comprehensive vision of peaceful coexistence of people of different religious, nationalities and ethnicities, focusing on seven main rules for social reconstruction of Iraq. He attracted attention to some basic pillars of peaceful coexistence arising from the principles of unity of human origin, preserving the sanctity of human life, blood, properties, dignity and honor; establishing justice and fairness in judgments among all sects, ethnicities and religions based on the teachings of Holy Quran and traditions of prophet Muhammad. 
It is worth stating that advisor Angela Merkel opened the conference with witnessed a large participation of religious and national leaderships. 
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