Establishing a French-Iraqi Meeting for Peace-Makers

in a French-Iraqi Meeting for peace-makers, an initiative for gathering a team of peace-makers was launched to restore trust and peace-making, in the light of very hard times encountering East and West alike. The French delegate was represented by bishop Mark Stangait; bishop of Turwa city, director of Pax Chirsti ; Rev. Andre Antony, CEO of Pier Press for Journalism and printing; Chrstian Luishon, former Director of French Cultural Center in Baghdad; Professor Antoine Companio of College de France; Fronque Ganshiet, an attorney on the “Iraqi Brotherhood” Institution; Louran Larshet, writer at le Carua French Journal; Nicola Henin, an advisor and journalist; and Sophie Lometer, the writer and journalist. The Iraqi side included the following members of Iraqi Council of Religious Dialogue: Mr. Jawad al-Khou’iy, UNISCO Chair professor for Religions Dialogue; Saad Salloum, the General Coordinator of MASARAT Institution; Father Ameer Jaji, an Advisor of the Papal Council for Religions Dialogue; Amina al-Dhahabi, Executive Director of MASARAT Institution; Raad Al-Ghaylani, Professor of philosophy in the Islamic Sciences College, in addition to Mr. Abdul-jabbar Al-Rifai’i, Director of Religion Philosophy Studies Center, and Mr. Hassan Nadhum, UNISCO Chair professor of Kufa University, and Khalil Jundi, delegate Minister at the Iraqi Foreign Affairs Ministry and the well-known researcher; Nadia Fadhil, Mandeans’ Endowments Director; Mr. Dhea Yacub, representative of Bahaais, as well as three advisors of the President of Iraq. It is worth mentioning that the French delegate was hosted by the Iraqi Council of Religions Dialogue and MASARAT Institution, and that several activities were organized to the French Delegation to be introduced to the nature of religious and ethnic diversity of Iraq.

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