Azhar and the Council of Wise of Muslims studying diversity and complementarity between freedom and citizenship.

Sayed Jawad al-Khoei member of the Iraqi interfaith dialogue Council stressed that the region is going through a real dilemma and religious clerics are in front of a big challenge, adding that “our presence together is a fate that is not inevitable, and cannot imagine real stability in our region or the world under the marginalization of another component, a religion, or a certain sectarian, there is no peace without maintaining the balance and moderation, as all must be respected in the light of human justice, citizenship and equality in rights and duties, and the account remains on the Lord of mankind. “
Al-Khoei emphasized in a speech at “Freedom and Citizenship Conference… diversity and integration”, which was organized by Al-Azhar and the Council of Wise of Muslims in Cairo on February 28 and March 1, 2017 that the Sunna did not distinguish between human blood in general, sex, color or affiliation, but looked at a person as a creature of God, and that God bestowed on him generosity and grace.
He added that the texts that were frequent in this section kept the rights of all human beings, and the most important controls that came in the Sunna is that a person is respected away from its affiliation to religion or nationality, or a particular doctrine, because every human God created deserves respect no matter who he is.
Al-Khoei requested from the participants to work very hard in order to promote trust between the coexisting components through openness if we want to reach for the pleasure of God and forgiveness, stressing that ((we have to acknowledge and accept that there is no culture or nationality without unacceptable opinions, and wheat from the chaff, and the right and wrong, and there is no school of thought infallible failure)).
There were more than 600 participants in the conference. They were religious, scientific, cultural, and persons from Islamic and Christian international institutions, from 50 countries in the world.

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