Al-Khoei looking with UNESCO in Beirut the reality of culture and education in Iraq.

Sayed Jawad al-Khoei said that the culture and the education sector in Iraq need to be reconsidered to save him from the accelerating deterioration. It happened during a meeting with Mr. Hamad Al Hammami Director of the UNESCO Office in Beirut.For his part, Mr. Hammami stressed that the International Organization UNESCO informed directly on the reality of culture and education sectors in Iraq and groped closely Iraq’s need to proceed the reform of these two sectors in view of the vital posed by Iraq from a historical and cultural depth in the region.A delegation from the Iraqi Council of Interfaith Dialogue had accompanied Sayed Jawad al-Khoei in the meeting included Dr. Amina al- Dhahabi and Dr. Hassan Nazim and Mr. Haider al-Khoei.

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