For the fifth year running, al-Khoei was named among the world’s 500 most influential Muslims. The Royal Islamic Center for Strategic Studies issued this list of names for 2016.

Al-Khoei, member of the Iraqi Council for Interreligious Dialogue and General Secretary of the al-Khoei Foundation in Iraq, was chosen because of his efforts and influence in supporting scholarship, helping to spread diversity of culture and acceptance of others, as well as encouraging this within the Islamic community.For the Royal Islamic Centre, “influential” is defined as one having influence on the Muslim world. The Centre chose people for the list according to the influence they have in the Muslim world, how they serve Muslims and their issues, how Muslim communities accept their work, as well as the charity they do.The Royal Islamic Centre wants to identify the important names from a variety of sectors in the Islamic world: politics, religion, advocacy for women’s rights, and media.From his perspective, Mr. al-Khoei said that being named to this list is a big responsibility given to him by society, especially the Muslim society, during this critical period where the world faces growing hate speech and radical extremism in religions. That is why we have to deal with this intelligence and discernment so as to spread the message of peace to all humanity.The Royal Islamic Center for Strategic Studies chose Mr. al-Khoei for the fifth time since 2012 to be on this annual list of the most influential Muslims.